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One of the pioneer in manufacturing concrete admixtures in Bangladesh since 2014


Construction Chemicals Manufacturer in Bangladesh

MEHS Group had started its journey by forming its first company named MEHS Chem Industry as one of the pioneer in Concrete Admixtures manufacturer in Bangladesh on 2014. MEHS Group is having the below mentioned businesses operating now a days:

1. MEHS Chem Industry Ltd.
2. MEHS Construction Chemicals Ltd.
3. MEHS Consumers Ltd.
4. MEHS Limited.

Our one well organized admixtures plant situated in Betka, Tongibari, Munshigonj which is only 30 KM away from Dhaka and 30KM away from Padma Bridge.

Our another factory located in Godashimla, Jamalpur which is 190km away from Dhaka. We have a equipped Concrete Laboratory to support our customers for doing concrete trials. we also do batch to batch Concrete Trials with our produced Admixtures before deliver it to the market for maintaining the consistent quality of our products.

MEHS Chem Admixture
MEHS Chem AdmixtureMEHS Chem Admixture
MEHS Chem AdmixtureMEHS Chem Admixture

Quality, Standard & Specifications

We, MEHS group committed to ensure providing quality products and professional services. We have a well-equipped Concrete Laboratory in our factory premises to support our customer. We always do batch to batch Concrete Trials with our produced concrete admixtures before supply it to the market. We have long proved track record to do Concrete Mix Design consultancy in all over the Bangladesh. We also offer our customers to use our Concrete Laboratory to their Research and Development purpose. Our Concrete Admixtures has been produced with the finest raw materials coming from various countries all over the world, in using the Raw materials our R & D team always do all the necessary raw materials test before start to use. Our R & D team having more than 20 years’ experience on Chemicals Products.


We are committed to be a part of our partner’s development as well as in the development of Bangladesh. We will not affect our environment by our product and activity. We follow 3R principle to protect our environment.


To meet the increasing demand of construction chemicals of different grade and use we are building a new factory with increased capacity and standard. From there we will be able to support our partners more efficiently.

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

We are concern about all EHS issues related to our product, activity and employee. We try to educate our employees as well as partners regarding EHS issues and local laws related to environmental protection. To ensure our commitment to partners and the society we will go for various international certifications in coming years. Presently we are certified. In the coming years MEHS will be one of the safest workplace place for employees and it will be an ECO friendly organization.

Our Clients

MEHS Construction Chemical Ltd. stands on the believe that “Customer is the first priority”. Actually we support our customers to be more successful in their industry. Customer support is one of the ethics what we believe and 24/7 is our motto.

A lot of Well Known Ready Mix Concrete Manufacturer in Dhaka and in Chittagong are our potential clients and we always support them with our highly expert technical team. Commitment and Quality is the pillar of our success in the industry. Our products are Concrete admixture, Water proofing, Heat reflecting coating, Prefabricated vertical drain, Structural microfibers.


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